Friday, October 21, 2016

Style And Save

Dressing well doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune.  I firmly believe if you're patient and shop the sales, you can look just as trendy as you'd like to for much less money.  And since I'm a modest gal who's nearly 5'11", I really have to dig around the racks to find outfits or dresses that fit me well and fit into our budget.  

Here are my biggest tips to dress for less: (shown below are my church/date night/special days outfits. Other days I pair these items with shorts/jeans.)

1.  Don't be afraid to shop Goodwill and consignment shops.  (I have to be extra careful when digging around these stores as my children are HIGHLY allergic to pet hair.)  If you keep in mind you're looking for any piece that'll fit you well for less than $6, you'll score some amazing deals (extra points if you can alter your own clothes to help the fit be perfect).  Then you can pair these pieces with other items already in your closet. 



In this pics above, the black/white chevron skirt was only $3 at Goodwill and fits perfectly both shape and length.  The purple and black skirt in the 2nd pic was also $3!  The beige skirt was only $4 is an awesome staple piece!!

2.  Shop the clearance sections in Target.  Boy, oh boy, I have found some amazing clothes on those %70 and %50 off racks.  You'll know it's on clearance by the red/white sticker on the tag.

The black dress above along with the cream top were both only $13 each.  For staple pieces, that's a great deal!!  

3.  Always pair your findings with what you already own.  There's nothing better than paying NOTHING for clothes you already have but you can find new ways to pair them. 


In the pics above, the Hawaiian skirt was only $3 at Goodwill while the denim top (that I've been wanting to buy for years now) was at Target for $15.  I didn't mind paying that since it's a basic piece I can wear LOTS of ways.  In the 2nd pic, I already had the navy blue jersey skirt so I paired it with a really pretty ruffle top I got from H n M for about $9 I think.

4.  Be patient. The item just placed on display in the stores WILL come down in prices.  Just give it a few weeks/months and watch for the discounts.  Also, check your mail/email for coupons to sweeten the deal. 

All together, these outfits cost around $78 and I can mix/match them with lots of other pieces I have already in my closet.  I'm very excited to dress modestly but not frumpy.  And Adam is happy I'm not spending a small fortune to look nice!! (My personal fav stores are Goodwill, Target, JCPenney and HnM).

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