Monday, September 12, 2016

Small Steps

It's amazing to me that one of the ways we stay more organized and save money is for me to stay on top of house chores.  Yes, the children have chores they are responsible for and they are huge helps.  But there are daily things I do to help us feel less stressed.

I begin every single morning putting away dishes from the night before and clearing the counter tops. Is it just me or does your counter collect E V E R Y T H I N G from everyone??  Like we are all allergic to putting away anything and it all accumulates on the kitchen counters. And it drives me bonkers!  So my goal is to get up early every morning and clear them off as much as I can and get dishes put away.  (And notice dinner already going in the crockpot)

I then put on at least 1 load of laundry by 6AM. It's ready for the dryer around 7AM when I leave to start taking kids to school (s). Yes I have 3 kids in 3 DIFFERENT schools with all DIFFERENT schedules. It's maddening but what can ya do?! 

Anywho, I try very hard to get it all dried by 8AM and ready for folding after they are all gone and the house is quiet. I cram in my workout between 8 and 9, then shower, and get started on folding mine and Adam's clothes (the children do their own, PRAISE THE GOOD LORD).

This pic is from this morning. I have a terrible summer cold and was in bed all weekend - hence the mountain of laundry. Usually it's only 1 load.

I then go through the house picking up odds and ends and putting them away. Usually my house is clean by 11 AM. I then relax, read, have lunch and enjoy the quiet knowing my chores, workout and budgeting are done for the day.  I am definitely a morning person so I work very hard from about 6AM-11AM and then I am done the rest of the day.  

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