Monday, September 12, 2016


There are always lots of reasons for people to save money, plan for the future and make their lives run more smoothly. I'll explain very briefly ours.  Our family believes debt is bad news no matter how you slice it.  The Bible states over and over how vital it is that we owe no man anything for any reason.

Our main reason for staying financially free is to help orphans and widows

Back in 2008, Adam and I worked VERY hard to pay off over $45,000 using Dave Ramsey's plan (Google to find it and listen to his podcasts for extra motivation).  If you're swimming in debt, I can't recommend enough Ramsey's books/plan/strategy for getting out/staying out of debt. DO IT! I'm cheering you on! You CAN do hard things.  GET ON A BUDGET!!!

Okay I've settled down now.....after we got out of debt, we sort of lost momentum.  Sure, we paid for Adam to get a brand new car, I got braces (those puppies are NOT cheap) and we cash flowed our adoption of our Chinese daughter.  So all in all, we've done extremely well staying OUT OF DEBT but we've done poorly in terms of saving enough for retirement, paying cash for a house and those "final" steps of Ramsey's plan.

A few weeks ago it hit me that if we're going to be ready for retirement, (it's coming lightening fast - I'm 37 and Adam is 38), we'd better get to it! 

So here are the steps we're on:

We're already %75 done with Step #3 and plan to be DONE with it come Jan 1st. 2017. That's very exciting. That emergency money will be for repairs on our cars (my van is a 2005 Odyssey and will need big repairs soon), house repairs now that we're homeowners and anything else major that comes up.  Other than that, we're not allowed to touch it. 

Above you can see our savings is almost done and I have started a chart for paying off the house (yeah, yeah it's gonna take FOREVER) but I know we can do this and it'll be worth every effort.  Just to the upper left is my monthly meal plan for September.  I have found this to be very helpful to keep us from eating out too much and organizes my freezer cooking (more coming on that in future posts).

These are great visuals to help our boys (ages 10 and 11) to understand why we live the way we do.  And we pray to make good impressions on them for how to handle their money in the future (Dave Ramsey has a kit you can buy for that, too).

After that's funded, we'll start another saving account for replacing the my van.  We'll also work on Steps 4 and 6 with that.  

What step would you be on if you were starting this today? I'm curious!!

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