Monday, September 12, 2016

Our "Cash" System

I want to begin this post by saying the big reasons Adam and I want to handle our finances really well are two fold: #1: It's God's money and we want to be good stewards and #2: we want to give money away like crazy people in the future.  We both have hearts for orphans and widows (again, goes back to the Bible where we're told to take care of those people especially because they typically don't have anyone caring for them).

If you've known me for any time at all, you know Adam and I only use cash to buy just about everything.  If the cash isn't there, we don't buy it. The only exceptions are huge purchases and trips. We use our credit card but then WE PAY IT OFF IMMEDIATELY using our savings account.  We've been using cash for over 9 years now and I must say, IT WORKS! DO IT!!  If you need tips, get on Pinterest and see what others are doing. I'm sure you'll find a system that works for you and your personality.

Since we moved to Miami, though, we've found it very complicated making it to the bank that's about 45 minutes away each week.   Because Adam and I are very disciplined in how we spend our money, we've decided to use our credit card to earn Amazon gift cards and pay it off the 1st and 15th of every month.  Again, we are extremely disciplined and NEVER pay interest or forget to pay it.  So this works very nicely for us all while sticking to the teachings of Dave Ramsey (giving every dollar a name and not spending more than what's allotted for that category).

But I NEED to keep track in a simple way so I came up with an Excel sheet I just print off so I can write everything down.  It's cheap, easy, simple and it works!

At the end of each month, any amount left over gets put into savings until we reach the next baby step in Ramsey's plan. 

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