Friday, September 30, 2016

Once a Month Cooking Details

Okay Okay. I've heard the pleas of my people.  SO MANY of you have asked me to do a blog post on freezer cooking. I do this once a month (in the middle of the month I'll spend time making muffins and pancakes since our freezer gets pretty full quickly).  EVERY recipe you'll see can be found on my Pinterest Board titled "Easy Cooking." Feel free to follow me and pin them all.

My EASY COOKING Pinterest Board

I can usually make about 24 meals in about 3 hours which includes cleaning the kitchen after I'm finished. I pick about 8-10 recipes and double them to make shopping/cooking/cleaning easier.

As always, I begin with a clean kitchen.  Notice the black fan in the lower right hand corner. It's 79 degrees in our house (hey, gotta save $$) in the summers here in Miami.

Then, I head to my "stash" of pre-purchased items using sales and coupons.

I then grocery shop for all the items I still need but I do so also sticking to sales and using coupons. I was able to buy everything I needed for this month's cooking only spending $175!!

I then make a quick list of the recipes we want for that month and how many I'm gonna make. 

Then I begin setting everything out according to recipe. 


Then I start browning my ground chicken (Pasta E Fagipoli) and browning the ground beef for the pasta sauce.  Then I put the sauce on to simmer and cool while assembling other recipes. 



So today I made 21 meals some of which we'll eat leftovers.  We eat out about 3-4 times per month (usually either on Sat night or Sun after church).  The other nights we make homemade pizza, roast chicken, or have eggs/bacon/pancakes.  I then take all the meals I've made and fill in our monthly calendar.  This has been KEY in helping me stay organized all month long.  Plus, the children never ask me what we're having.  WIN WIN! 

After I'm finished I usually only have to do the dishes and empty the trash twice. That's worth it to me to have ALL our suppers done for the entire month!   Then I veg out, take a long shower (I'm usually sweaty by the end of this), and relax the rest of the day knowing I'm doing a good job handling our finances and schedules. 


Emmy Oxendine said...

So, everything is not precooked just premade! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Great job!!!

Emmy Oxendine said...

So, everything is not precooked just premade! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Great job!!!

Cadovius said...

Right. I sometimes brown ground turkey for tacos or soups but I do most of the cooking the night of either in crockpot or the oven.