Monday, September 12, 2016

The Beginning

Okay I have gotten tons of requests for me to blog about freezer cooking, saving money, raising funds for adopting, couponing, and just basic good habits to get in to.  I will admit from the get-go I'm not super good at any of these but I do like trying.

There are bazillions of blogs dedicated to all of the topics listed above but sometimes they feel very overwhelming even for me (a very avid blog reader).  And I'm sure we're all very familiar with Pinterest but dang y'all....I could peruse that site all the live-long-day and I still feel like yelling,  "Teach this Padawan your ways, Obi Wan!!" (yep, I'm that girl).

Any who, I'll try walking you through some of these things clearly and simply. If there's anything in my life I've learned, it's to try and save my family money while not getting so OCD about it I lose my drive for WHY I'm doing it.

Adam and I decided years ago I wouldn't work an outside job as long as we could possibly make it work on his income alone. It's extremely important to us both that the children have me around after school and during the summers.  We won't get that time back with them and I'm not willing to sacrifice it just to obtain more "stuff" that we don't need anyway. It's not a tradeoff I'd consider, although I've been tempted more than once to get a "real job" just to give my brain something to do.

I will say, though, that learning to coupon, freezer cook and organize our life really does give my brain the stimulation it needs without giving up my time with the family.  So I'll dedicate this blog to passing on little tips and tricks I learn along the way. It'll also serve to keep me motivated to keep going.  My next blog post will be WHY I've decided to get very serious about this money stuff.

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