Monday, September 12, 2016

Freezer Cooking

Adam and I realized long ago the one place we could cut back spending the most is our food budget. We got into some bad habits of eating out too much over the weekend.  I do NOT like to cook every single night so I had to figure out ways to knock out several birds with one stone.  Again, Pinterest to the rescue.

FREEZER COOKING REALLY DOES WORK!  But as a family, we've decided eating pure junk food isn't worth saving a few pennies so I need meals that are healthy, cheap, simple, and "freezable."  I have now been freezer cooking for several months and have figured out what we like, how to navigate food allergies and what cooks well.

Here's my main list I pull from each month and we usually eat these 2-3 times:  (check Google and Pinterest for recipes)

Fajita Chicken in Crockpot  (serve in wraps with cheese)
Chicken/Rice/Broccoli Bake
Spatchcock Chicken roasted with veggies and potatoes)
Burrito Bowl (ground turkey, beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers)
Lasagna with no meat (hey, saving money and calories all at once)
BBQ chicken (served with potatoes and veggies)
Lime Cilantro Chicken (served with fruit and veggies)
Mongolian Chicken (served over rice and veggies)
Pasta E Fagioli (cooked in crockpot)
Copycat Chipotle Chicken thighs (served with beans and veggies)
Kalhua Pork (crockpot)
Oven roasted root veggies
Lemon Roasted Chicken (cut a whole chicken into pieces)
Chicken/Rice Soup
Chicken Pot Pie
I pick the ones we want that month, double/triple the recipes and start bagging/freezing. I cook these meals the night of (aside from browning ground turkey/beef).


I try to plan our meals based on sales of meats/veggies and canned goods.  It usually takes me about 2 days to put these together but then I AM DONE FOR 30 DAYS!!!  As long as I go according to plan, we save a ton of money and I don't spend hours in the kitchen each month cooking.  Plus we are eating healthy meals.  WIN WIN!


Joy said...

Oh, I want your monogolian chicken recipe, please!

Deb Cadovius said...

Ginger, onion, teriyaki sauce, and honey. Lots o honey. My kids like it on the sweeter side.