Monday, September 12, 2016

Coupons 101

Okay so let me begin by saying there are TONS of blogs, Youtube channels and more dedicated to everything involving coupons.  I won't try to explain it all in one post but I'll give you the tips that have really helped me lately. is the BEST WEBSITE to learn tips. Watch her videos and have a pen ready.  She's amaze balls! 

#1 Groceries are on a 6 week cycle.  So when an item goes on sale, buy 6 weeks worth to get you to the next sale cycle.  I hope that makes sense.  Yes you'll spend extra at first but I'm telling you, you'll start saving fast!  Add coupons to the sales to make the sales even better. Your best bet is to eyeball the Buy1Get1 deals. Check your store policy because here at Public in Florida, you have to buy 2 items in order to get the sale price.  This is a great tip because this will help you plan your freezer meals since you'll be buying more of the same item anyway.

#2 CVS is the BEST drugstore for earning cash--back toward future in-store purchases (called Extra Care Bucks).  You can combine CVS coupons WITH manufacturer coupons for great deals.  When you learn their system, you begin getting things like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and toilet paper for FREE!  Follow Jenny at Southern Savers (website above) and print off your CVS list -- easy peasy.

#3 Buy the Sunday Paper.  Yes you can purchase coupons but having the paper delivered to me is much easier and stresses me less.  I got a SWEET Target coupon this past Sunday along with the usual Ulta one and many more. I was so happy. It makes my early Sunday mornings even more enjoyable. I go through them while sipping coffee while everyone else is still sleeping. 

#4 Don't be loyal to just 1 brand unless you have allergies and it's required.  
#5 Walmart is NOT always cheaper.  Without coupons or sales, yes head to Walmart. But, if you coupon and combine with those sales, you'll save money shopping at Public, CVS, Harris Teater and lots of others. 
#6 Club Warehouse Stores aren't always cheaper either. 
#7 START SMALL!  Don't go all in until you learn your local store policies and get the hang of it. TAKE YOUR TIME! RELAX. You don't need to snag every single deal.  
#8  Have fun with this! Enjoy the sales/deals and then move on to other things in life. :-) 

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